Sarvam Patel

About Us

An entrepreneur from an early age, Sarvam Patel realized his dream of becoming a renowned artist in India and today, after immense hard work and dedication, Sarvamis on his journey of achieving what he always dreamt of.

Sarvam Patel always knew that his fate was sealed to become an artist. Since childhood, he was brilliant with different forms of art and had decided by then to build his career in this field only. In spite of resistance from his family and relatives, He was staunch on his decision and chose to follow his talent and interest in this field. He still remembers the advices from his family members and he says “My family was frightened of my choice of becoming an artist, they said that we are gujrati people and we don’t do such things, but I was determined and won their trust because I knew that if anything will take me to the top of this world, then it is my art” After years of training, hard work and struggle, Sarvam Patel finally opened his academy which today impartshis knowledge of artto a total of 500 students in Mumbai and this count is ever increasing.

Sarvam Patel is now one of the prominent names in the field of arts, and is quite known to everyone as one of the best Sand artist in India. He regularly performs in corporate events, big fat weddings, celebrity events and shows. Sarvam Patel is the only artist who performs with colourful light and sand, all his arts and story board has a crisp and clear meaning with in-depth social messages. He is one person who never stops learning and is determined to explore more in the field of arts.